Memoirs van Andries Kritzinger

Die memoirs below were written in Afrikaans and contain the recollections of Johan Andries Kritzinger (1926 – 2007), son of Twee Riviere. These wonderful facts and evocative images were recorded by Mr Kritzinger during the 1990’s, in long hand format, on folio sheets. The text is being posted here with the kind permission of his son, Japie Kritzinger, whom has reserved all rights in respect to it. The typing of the original, handwritten text was undertaken by Anista van Huyssteen in recent years. Our appreciation to her! A scanned sample of the introductory chapter also accompanies, to illustrate the original handwriting.

Please do enjoy this insightful and wonderfully absorbing window onto the life of this rural community – framing a period that largely coincides with the economic depression of the 1930’s. The reader will find that the first two or three chapters are largely introductory, having in mind persons with little or no prior experience of Langkloof life. The thirty or more chapters that follow thereafter are universally spell-binding in their descriptiveness, in part thanks to a remarkable clarity of voice on the part of the author. By the rare insight it offers, this entertaining trove of practical detail also manages to convey to us the undeniably stark shifts our world and society have undergone…

Picture of Mr Kritzinger - orange oval visible

Mnr Longland en die groep kinders (Andries Kritzinger regs voor) oppad Baai toe gedurende September 1937. Lees meer oor die uitstappie in hoofstuk 15.


1. Inleiding

1. Inleiding (scanned copy)

2. Tagtig jaar gelede (Oospronklike titel: “Sestig jaar gelede”)

3. Ons huise

4. Ons arbeiders

5. Varkslag

6. Smalspoor (Peretrein)

7. Riemebrei

8. Oestyd

9. Dorstyd

10. Die vloed

11. Heuningtee

12. Vrugte

13. Kattekwaad

14. Nagmaal

15. Baaitoe

16. Wasklippe en matrasse

17. Kanon

18. Karrie

19. Brand

20. Alfred

21. Verenigingslewe

22. Onlus-gerugte

23. Droeland Boerdery

24. Die S.V.R

25. Basaar

26. Skoolfonds

27. Die Kerk

28. Vrugte steel

29. Onderwysers

30. Botlier

31. Palings

32. Gevaarlike Tydverdryf

33. Sakgeld

34. Spoke

35. Schorbeck