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This is our village, Twee Riviere – a pretty town of about 450 inhabitants, beautifully situated in the lower Langkloof.

Do you know the Langkloof? It is a gorgeous, mountainous region, lying inland of South Africa’s south-eastern coastline. The word “langkloof” lends its name from this 120km long valley, handsomely hemmed by dramatic mountain ranges. From these towering mountain slopes, multiple streams and rivers flow to nourish a valley floor richly carpeted with fruit orchards, and dotted with villages and hamlets founded during the late 1700’s.

In February 2015 the community of Twee Riviere marked its 250th year!

This surprising fact also inspired us all to retrace the origin of this gentle town and it’s faithful place in history. As we began to consider the meaning of this milestone (also in light of the current times) we – together – felt encouraged to cherish again the meaning of relationship and to revive amongst ourselves the blessings of communal life.

We are the people of Twee Riviere, and here follows a picture of our town and community…