Tree Planting

Wishing to provide an enduring milestone marker for Twee Riviere’s quarter millennium, the idea took hold to establish a Plane Tree lane on both sides of Twee Riviere’s long access road, which joins the town’s central intersection (at Twee Riviere Minimark) with the R62, one kilometre to the north. The South African Institute for Conservation, which maintains campus grounds in Twee Riviere, led the project, purchased the trees, and gained the consent of the District Roads Engineer and the Koukamma Municipality. Local support was generously provided by Oom Eric Schreiber, Danie Babs Olivier, Du Toit Group, Franklin Electric. Wilco Transport, Tuinroete Agri / SSK, Derick Vrey, Eduardt Olivier, Ewald Schreiber and other residents of Twee Riviere who variously provided encouragement, manpower, machinery, pumps and so forth to make this possible.

The choice of tree species fell to the common Plane, since this tree had already demonstrated its suitability in other streets of Twee Riviere, where sidewalks were planted by the Institute some years earlier. Mature examples of such street plantings can also be found in Oudtshoorn, Stellenbosch, George and countless other towns – a fact which also demonstrates the hardiness, adaptability and general robustness of this highly decorative and long-lived species.

With attentive care and maintenance in the years ahead, provided by the Institute’s grounds staff, this tree lane should therefore reward Twee Riviere with an elegant and generously shaded approach road – one which also expresses the townsfolk’s shared interest in its streets and community.

For your enjoyment, a few images are provided below, showing the tree planting underway!