Getting there…

GPS Co-ordinates: S 33° 50.427 E 023° 53.638

Directions from Cape Town travelling east along the N2:

Take the turn-off to George Airport a short distance (10km?) before the town of George. This promptly presents a T-junction at the bottom of the off-ramp. Turn left and follow the road for a very short distance until George Airport appears on the left. Continue straight, until reaching a crossing with the last of the airport precinct still on your left. Pass straight across the intersection to embark on a twisting road that after some kilometers bears past Fancourt Golf Resort. (Some roadworks may still be underway along this section). A few hundred meters beyond Fancourt (you have entered a built-up area) the road splits. Keep an eye out for this in the dark, as it is not entirely apparent. At this split, keep left to find yourself on a downward incline. This road bypasses George central, instead passing through a small and prettily located Coloured township, begins to bear uphill and brings one to a T-junction with the Outenique pass road. There, turn left to head upwards, onwards and across the Outeniqua Pass, as if heading for Oudtshoorn. Initially, follow any signs pointing towards Oudtshoorn. Once across this major mountain pass, however, head past the Oudtshoorn turnoff which will eventually beckon, and instead keep going straight for a good distance as if heading toward Uniondale. However, look out for the R62 turnoff which meets one from the right, approximately 100km past the Outenique pass. This R62 intersection (to the right) is the one to take, and sports a signboard saying “Welcome to the Langkloof”. This is the R62, leading into the Langkloof, instead of to Uniondale. It is about a 40 minute’s drive from there until you reach first Krakeel, followed by Joubertina, followed by your destination, Twee Riviere. Head right past the town of Joubertina to find the turnoff into Twee Riviere about 5km further, to the right, at the bottom of a descent. Look out for a prominent, large white packshed on your right, marked “Du Toit’s” and “Koukamma” to easily anticipate the turnoff. Having turned right, continue on exactly one kilometer to reach Twee Riviere


Directions from Port Elizabeth travelling west along N2:

On the N2, continue for a distance of approximately 103km, (along the way passing Jeffrey’s Bay and Humansdorp) to find the turn-off signboarded as “Kareedouw” and “Scenic Route via Langkloof”. Taking the fly-off to the left, turn right under the N2, heading to Kareedouw approximately 25-30km further. Once reaching Kareedouw, continue straight ahead as if travelling to “Joubertina”. The “Valley / Kloof” will become more apparent along this stretch of road, which winds its way towards tiny Twee Riviere. About 30 km beyond Kareedouw, but before Joubertina, you will notice Twee Riviere rising into sight ahead, beyond some lakes and dams on the left hand side. Continue along, crossing a minor bridge to find the Twee Riviere turnoff to the left just beyond it. Very prominently at that intersection will be the large, white fruit packhouse of “Du Toit & Koukamma Packers”. Here, turn left onto a tarred road and continue along for exactly one kilometer to Twee Riviere